Day Trips

Windsor Castle

Windsor castle is a must for any visitor to the South of England. Dating from the 11th century, it has been home to our kings and queens for almost a thousand years. You will see the magnificent state apartments which feature decoration from the reigns of King Charles the Second in the 17th century and King George the Fourth in the early 19th Century. Works of art by many famous artists adorn the walls of the apartments, complementing the opulence of the furnishings. Within the State Apartments you will also see the fabulous St George's Hall, beautifully restored after the fire of 1992. The apartments are still used by the Queen for entertaining visiting dignitaries — imagine the grandeur of a State Banquet at the Castle!

You will also be able to visit the gothic splendour that is St George's Chapel, (closed to visitors on Sundays and certain special occasions) where you will see the magnificent stalls of the Knights of the Order of the Garter, an ancient order of knighthood created by King Edward the Third in 1348. The chapel is also the final resting place of, among others, King Henry the Eighth, King Charles the First, and the Queen Mother who is buried there alongside her husband King George the Sixth.

The town of Windsor is also well worth a visit. In its narrow streets you will find a house where Shakespeare stayed, a house built in 1423 and the lovely Guildhall, built by Sir Christopher Wren. The river Thames separates Windsor from its sister town of Eton. In Eton you can see the famous school, founded in the 15th century, where Princes William and Harry were pupils, and enjoy the tranquillity of the river.

Windsor is only a short journey from London — why not add it to your itinerary?